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When my 4 year old son started to take shower but not bath half year ago, he used to cry all the time when he took shower, because when the bubbles got into his eyes, it always make him hurt and scream.

So I began to look for a gentle baby shower gel until I found GAIA’s ad on a Chinese newspaper in Melbourne.

After reading the brand story and article about this brand, I decided to give it a try. Now I’m so glad I chose GAIA because my son becomes love taking shower now, the bubbles never bother him any more even it got into his eyes. Thank you GAIA!

It must because of the natural ingredients that very gentle to kid’s skin and even eyes. I’ll keep purchasing it and explore other GAIA’s products.


Happy Parents

Sharn Wales

Thank you for all the beautiful products you make.

My 2 children both have sensitive skin and I use these products on them without a problem. We use the Hair & Body Wash, Bath & Body Wash and Sleeptime Bath on our children and I love them so much!


I am 8 months pregnant. I have some bad purple stretchmarks around my breast.

I bought the Belly Butter and Belly Oil. After 4 days the scars have started to fade. I can’t believe it. Both products are amazing and


My baby had Eczema from six weeks old, I tried a lot of creams and natural oil but nothing helped him until I tried Gaia Baby Lotion and Moisturiser.

Now his skin looks much better..thank god there is

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