Pregnancy Skincare

Pregnancy is an exciting time but it can also send your skin into a spin! Changes that occur can go from one extreme to the other and leave you with very dry skin and a decrease in your skin’s elasticity.

Gaia skin pregnancy & new mum products help reduce the possibility of stretch marks and soothes and protects new mums skin.

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  • Natural Pregnancy Skincare Belly Butter

    Belly Butter | Pregnancy Skincare | Natural Product

    15.95 incl Vat.
  • Natural Pregnancy Skincare Belly Oil

    Belly Oil | Pregnancy Skincare | Improve appearance of stretch-marks

    15.95 incl Vat.
  • Natural Pregnancy Skincare Nipple Balm

    Nipple Balm | Pregnancy Skincare | Moisturise, soothe and protect

    13.95 incl Vat.