GAIA Skin Naturals have been my ‘go to’ product this time round with my second baby Tiarnan.  I had no hesitation using the baby products having sampled the Pregnancy + New Mum skincare products.

Baby Tiarnan developed eczema and cradle cap. I got the Baby Starter Kit for Tiarnan –  to give it a try – as none of the other baby products on the market worked.

I used these together with the Massage Oil and the Soothing Cream. For Baby Tiarnan’s cradle cap I would massage the oil into his scalp at night and leave it on overnight. Then the following morning in his bath I would just gently rub his scalp with cotton wool and warm water and it would lift away without any effort.

The cradle cap is now gone.  As for the baby eczema the soothing cream has and is working a treat calming the angry looking patches within the hour of application.

During my pregnancy I really enjoyed using the products Belly Butter and the Belly Oil – and was so impressed by them in comparison to the other leading products I used during my last pregnancy.

The Nipple Balm has been a life saver and has allowed me to carry on breastfeeding Tiarnan for longer as I had to give up the ghost with my first baby as no product I tried could help cure cracked nipples.  With this product I have not even come close to suffering the awful discomfort trying to breastfeed a little baby – and he is now four months old – Oh btw it’s great lip balm.

I have found with GAIA Skin Naturals products a great all rounder and can be used in so many different ways and so many different things – the ingredients are such that it is calming, soothing and effective.  I love all the products I have tried and all the family are now using them.  I would highly recommend GAIA Skin Naturals.

Michelle Dunne
Happy Mum and Happy Baby