I was recommended Gaia Shampoo by a friend who is aware that I’m into organic and homeopathic/holistic health products. I’ve been taking evening primrose oil for years due to the multifarious benefits it elicits. The fact the ingredients include evening primrose oil and chamomile, therefore sparked my affinity for the product; and I was excited to trial it.

I have sensitive and combinational skin, and find it difficult to garner good results from face washes. But by gosh; I must say the lavish and smooth feeling after trying this GAIA wash is next to none.

One only requires a smidgen, so it lasts for ages. I’ve been testing it for around 5 weeks, twice daily, and I’ve only used about a third of the bottle. Thus, it is certainly serious value for money.

Every so often I like to add in some sea salt if I need to do a scrub, and my skin feels exfoliated, smooth, and silky. This product has actually tackled some of my scarring as well, so that has added serious value in my eyes. 10/10, and will continue using because it just works for me.

I would recommend this product to anyone with sassy, sensitive, and unstable skin because it’s natural, soft, and effective at eradicating blemishes and moisturising the epidermis

Right on, GAIA. I’m an advocate.

Rachel Quinlan