Finally, I have found a product that I feel works perfectly on my skin, not to say it is an absolute treat filled with all-natural oil-based products that I use on weekends only to both savour and to get the best effect.

I have been using different moisturisers for years, having also used some high-quality brands nothing quite compares to the GAIA natural baby moisturiser with the fulfilment of all-natural oils working naturally on the skin. I have used a lot of other ‘natural’ products and even the 100% aloe vera gel which my skin still tingles from the chemicals when applied.

GAIAs natural baby moisturiser is a rich cream that gets better as you rub it in. It leaves your face feeling fresh and clean with good protection which lasts the whole day. The combination of smells and feel good is a perfect way to start the weekend.

I can happily say that I will be a new customer of this product and interested in other products GAIA has to offer. GAIA has provided great trust with its high-quality natural ingredients that it would be difficult for anyone to argue against, other retailers selling related products are certainly up for a great competition here!

I would highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from skin problems. I believe this could be a good or perhaps only alternative to other products used for acne, dry or itchy skin.

Meabh Hanrahan, Kent, UK.