GAIA Natural Baby launched in 2002 by Aussie Mum, Michelle who discovered her son had eczema at just 8 weeks of age. After trying numerous skincare products, even the ‘natural’ ones, and with most exacerbating his condition, Michelle embarked on skincare blending and aromatherapy studies to begin creating her own herbal infusions. They worked! Michelle had created some winning combinations that began to gently soothe, clean and soften her son’s skin. The market showed that this problem was far and wide, with a severe lack of products highlighting natural and organic ingredients, that still performed to the level of the leading ‘chemical’ brands, and yet priced for everyday use. And with that, GAIA Natural Baby was born! Not just for babies, today, GAIA Skin Naturals, caters for the whole family with products specifically designed for men, women and also throughout a women’s pregnancy and breastfeeding journey.

No parabens and propylene glycal

No animal testing

No animal ingredients

No harsh soap and sulphates

No petrochemicals and mineral oil

No artificial fragrance

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